1. What is PrimeGen Biotech?

PrimeGen Biotech is a research firm studying the medicinal value of various stem cell types and developing regenerative therapies derived from them.


  1. When was the company founded?



  1. What are stem cells?

They are the cells from which all others “stem”. These undifferentiated cells are packed with information that allow them to replicate into more cells of the same type or to differentiate into other kinds.


  1. Why are you investigating them?

Research indicates stem cells can be used to repair and replace damaged cells for a wide range of conditions including aging-related illnesses. These cells can come from many different places in the body and PrimeGen’s own research into their characteristics indicates cells derived from different types of tissues each have specific therapeutic and medicinal values for treating certain diseases.


  1. What kind of research do you perform?

PrimeGen has dedicated researchers working in labs for tissue processing, cell culture research and development, molecular biology, flow cytometry and histology.


  1. Where do you get your stem cells?

The stem cells PrimeGen is actively investigating are derived from fat (adipose), bone marrow, organs and other tissues. The tissues utilized for PrimeGen’s stem cell research are donated by local hospitals and veterinary clinics.


  1. How many patents do you hold

PrimeGen Biotech has been awarded 11 patents and has 33 patents pending


  1. How can I contact PrimeGen?

By phone at 949-428-0500, or by email at info@primegenbiotech.com